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Important moments in life should become 

precious memories...


...music helps consolidate our memories. 

Ceremonial playlist


Ave Maria (Gounod)


My Way

Stairway to heaven

You are so beautiful

De Roos

Tears in heaven

We'll meet again


Nature boy

Somewhere over the rainbow


What a wonderful world

Make you feel my love

Someone like you

Come away with me

Baby baby all the time

J’ai deux amours

Don’t know why


Agua de beber

It don’t mean a thing

Have a little faith in me


Andere verzoeken zijn (in samenspraak) eveneens mogelijk.


The water is wide (Eva Cassidy)
Unforgettable (Nat King Cole)
Ave Maria (Gounod)

Wedding memories

Singing down the aisle
Dinner  - http://ronnywertelaers.com
Dinner - http://ronnywertelaers.com/
Dinner - http://ronnywertelaers.com/
Reception http://ronnywertelaers.com
Dinner - http://ronnywertelaers.com/
Meer weergeven